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Virgo has the reputation of being organized and critical. This stems from the ability to be able to see exactly what's wrong with something and an overwhelming desire to fix it. This can be an incredible gift when Virgo uses discernment to pick and choose who, what, where, and when to help. When not consciously making choices this is a quick trip to burnout.

Working with Rosemary is a wonderful way to assist us in working with Virgo energy to become in alignment with our soul's path, remembering who we are and why we are here. Rosemary assists with memory and focus so we aren't distracted by trying to organize everything, or becoming so overwhelmed by all there is to "fix" we do nothing at all.

Virgo Affirmations

I choose who and how I help

I can only help those who ask for it and are ready for it

I am focused on my selfcare