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Katie Shell

Essential Journeying

Understanding My Methods 

Over the years I have built my healing and intuitive arsenals through experience, training, and studies.  Above all else, and no matter which specific tools I am working with the underlying motivation is the same. To help people to love themselves unconditionally and unapologetically.  This can be extremely difficult work, so I will meet you where you are knowing that we may unearth challenging emotions that have been preventing you from being your fully authentic self. My goal is to create safe spaces and give you the tools to do your inner work. All of these modalities compliment each other in their abilities to help us understand, release, and create. Remember life is a journey of growth, and you are always a work in progress AND exactly where you need to be.

Essential Oils

Working with essential oils is a multi-faceted experience. There are so many layers within the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies that they support. Understanding the interconnectedness of how they work and integrate within us is complex, but working with them doesn't have to be.

They meet you where you are and assist in understanding connecting with the intrinsic knowledge within the body.

I have been working with Wisdom of the Earth (WOTE) essential oils for close to 15 years, been an Aromatherapist for almost a decade, and have been a WOTE aromatherapy certification course for 5 years. I am still constantly in awe on how much further the oils can take me, how much more there is to learn and experience with them, as well as how simple they are to begin with for someone that has never worked with them.

I offer WOTE oils for purchase, and several different ways to work with me to help me guide you on journey including consultations, in-person energy work, and intuitive counseling.

Additional Information


Astrology has been a life long interest of mine. I remember doing charts for friends in college, and have often incorporated the positions of the sun, moon, and planets in building my workshops. More recently I was drawn to incorporate this into my healing practice.