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Taurus season invites us to make ourselves comfortable and take our time to figure out what it is we truly need. Taurus has the reputation for being stubborn, but it's really an embrace of going slow and steady. Sure if you wake the bull you will see and experience just how strong it its, but Taurus really just wants to chill. Taurus is excellent at streamlining and setting  priorities. This allows them to  put things in place so they can let things move around them. Taurus embodies our Earth experience by indulging the senses. It is a time for self care and connecting with the Earth, two things that are in perfect alignment with working with essential oils.

Taurus Affirmations

I have all I need

I am surrounded by comfort and beauty

I am strong and patient

Oak Moss

Connects us with our senses to experience the physical world. 

 Play with her in your finger tips, and draw on the body with affirmation 

"I am worthy of selfcare"