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10 minute complementary exploratory phone sessions

Find balance and wellness for all physical, emotional & spiritual issues.

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Katie has such an amazing way of listening very deeply and for choosing the right oils to work with to support the next step in the journey. Every time I’ve had a session, things have shifted dramatically...it is like magic ;) I’m always surpris​ed at just how much a consultation with her can uplift my spirit...I highly recommend getting a reiki session, super powerful! I’m so grateful to receive guidance from Katie and the oils over the past few years. Thank you!


The reading spoke to my soul! Thank you Katie!


Readings, Intuitive Guidance, & Spiritual Counseling

Astrology Readings

Full birth data including time and place is recommended, please contact me prior to scheduling if you are unsure. Empower yourself by receiving intuitive guidance in understanding the patterns in your live, challenges, and intrinsic motivations. 

Done in person or via zoom.

$75    - 30 minutes

$150 - 60 minutes

$225 - 90 minutes

all live readings may be recorded for your future reference 

Micro Recorded Astrology Readings 

This is the rapid fire round. A quick question or two about you are looking for clarity on.

You will receive  a recorded reading via email within about 72hrs.

$25 - 10 minutes

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Spiritual Counseling &

Intuitive  Readings

Custom intuitive services including tarot and oracle decks. We begin by setting an intention and calling in your higher self and guides to assist in finding clarity in the desired area of inquiry. Get to the root of concerns and discuss practical ways to create abundance , clear obstacles, or deal with other challenges present.

Done in person or remotely

$40 - 15 minutes

$75 - 30 minute

$115 - 45 minutes

$150 - 60 minutes

All live  readings can be recorded for your future reference

Energy Work

In Person Energy Work

Custom service includes reiki led treatment, & essential oil anointments.  Treatments assist in bring the body, mind, and spirit into balance.  These physical and energetic treatments allow you to move energy to release blockages. 

In person, dressed comfortably on a massage table or reclining chair.

$75 - 30 minutes

$150 - 60 minutes

Remote Energy Work, 

live session

Live gently guided meditation while receiving distance reiki & other intuitive healing working with spirit guides.  Distance reiki session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

$75 - 30 minute session

$150 - 60 minute session includes intuitive reading and spiritual counseling

Remote Energy Work 

Reiki sent to your highest good at the time and place it is most convenient. May be sent anywhere in time and space for healing.


$75 includes written messages received, OR, 10 minute recorded guidance, OR 10 minute follow-up call

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Essential Oil Services

Oil Consultation

Ideal for when you want to take your time to discuss the issues you are facing and which oils will help you the most, and how to work with them, without the depth of the intuitive reading and spiritual counseling sessions. 

Can discuss oils you already have and you are welcome to purchase oils from another source . 

Done in person or remotely. 

Includes shipping if necessary.

$100- 60minutes  

includes a $35 credit to purchase oils

Oil Meet & Greet

Aka Just Browsing

20 minute session to ask questions and try oils in my Scottsdale studio.  Over 250 single source essential oils  from Wisdom of the Earth to meet , smell, and  experience.


Full Service In-person Introductory Session

Book a 2hr session to discuss and treat your issues. 

We start with a conversation, really taking the time to begin to understand the issues you are facing and devise a plan, which can include oils, energy work, meditations, affirmations, mantras, breathwork,  movement, as well as other tools and practical guidance. 

This includes an astrological  reading, along with intuitive counseling.

You will then move to the massage table or reclining chair, and experience reiki, intuitive energy work, and essential oil anointments. $250

Book an appointment with Essential Journeying using Setmore
Book an appointment with Essential Journeying using Setmore

Prices are for sessions in my Scottsdale studio. 

Mobile services available starting at an additional $30 depending on location.

Private group readings, ceremonies, and workshops start at $300

Call or text (520)275.1710

[email protected]

Book an appointment with Essential Journeying using Setmore