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Treatment Session

Treatments start at $85 for a 60 minute session includes reiki treatment & aromatherapy. May also include crystal work, visualizations, ritual anointments, channeling & meditations depending on needs and preferences of client. Done on a massage table.

Consultation & Spiritual Counseling 

$65 per hour intuitive consultation and coaching. Includes essential oil applications & anointments. May also include herbal, visualizations, lifestyle recommendations, & channeling. Done seated. 

Mini Session

$45 for 30 minute intuitive healing session.

 Can be an initial visit or follow-up. When something is pressing and you want to explore the root of an issue, but don't have time to do a full session. We pull at the strings to discover what is causing your issue, and how to begin to address them. Includes, counseling & anointments. May include reiki & other modalities. Done seated. 

Sit & Smell

Book up to 20 minutes for smelling & "browsing" This is for general questions & shopping. Often common issues can be addressed at these sessions. General advice & protocols are recommended, as well as giving you the opportunity to feel what resonates for your needs.