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Rhododendron, Relationships, & Libra

When there is an emphasis on Libra we focus our relationships with others, on fairness, on beauty, and on balance. Love is in the air so me must take time to honor our needs. We are invited to evaluate our expectations in relationships so we find the right balance of give and take with those individuals that are important in our lives.

Rhododendron is an amazing source of support for us in this area. She helps us in understanding the relationships that are right for us, by connecting with those that belong and releasing the ones that do not. There are several ways to work with her. Anointing your wrists when you are going to be in a public place will amplify your vibration so that those that belong in your life can sense it. It is not unusual to put on rhododendron and have random connections with new people or with those that maybe you haven’t seen or heard from in while. This can be helpful for those that are empathic and become overwhelmed by their sensitivity to other people’s energy.

Libra needs to connect with other people. Even if you are a person that is introverted or generally tends to opt to be alone rather than interact with others, rhododendron can help you gain confidence in making choices that lead you to the right people. It can be very easy to try to avoid people entirely and just connect with spirit, but part of being human is connecting with other humans from time to time to activate parts of ourselves that we can’t understand or access fully on our own.

The more I work with rhododendron the more I am aware of opportunities to connect. When I am writing or making a video, I will try to remember to put Rhododendron on to help focus my vibration to attract those that I am ready to work with and are ready to work with me. It also helps me tune into my guides and the information that I need to share.

When am in my own space and wanting clarity in which relationships are in alignment with my soul’s needs I will anoint my heart. This will also assist us in understanding what the people in our lives can and cannot do for us. Part of working with Libra energy is learning what we need from others and what others can actually provide for us. It is essential in healthy relationships to manage these expectations and be aware of our own needs. We learn what we can be for other people and what others can be for us. No one relationship is going to be able to provide everything we need from another person, which is why we develop many kinds of relationships in our lives. It is essential that we let go of expecting someone to be something for us that they can’t be, or vice-versa. It is also crucial that we remember that we are not responsible for the happiness of others or that they are responsible for ours. When we release these expectations, it makes room for those that can be the specific connection we need. It also allows for the people in our lives to become fully present in the way that is most in alignment for each individual.