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Cynthia Olivera, the one that introduced me to dance, essential oils, and has inspired and coached me for over 30 years. Wisdom of the Earth, Education Director, Author, Medicine Woman and Sage.  (I do keep her book in stock) https://www.thebookofanointing.com/

Maestra Paula Leeper, Curandera, Traditional medicine woman and massage therapist. I am transported into other dimensions every time she holds space and ceremony for me, releasing what I'm holding onto physically so I can come into wholeness.   https://www.paulaleeper.org/

Angela Rose, If you are interested in exploring human design, I recommend getting a reading from Angela.

To look up your human design chart, go to The Jovian Archive 

Karen Kolczak, Gems for Life offers powerful therapeutic high quality gemstone jewelry.  She communicates with the gemstone guardians to create unique combinations of stones with the ability to heal and transform. 

Tom Jacobs - The way I work with astrology comes from working with him as a teacher and spiritual counselor. If I have said something in your reading like most astrologers don't talk about this the way I am, this is where it comes from. I often refer people to his YouTube videos for further exploration. 

Here is a list of the ones I refer to the most frequently. Chiron, True Black Moon Lilith, 8th House, Ceres. He offers several live and self study courses. I also work with many of his programmed crystals, my experiences with them are always powerful, but often different than the way he describes.