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Principles of Intuitive Aromatherapy

Working with the plants and the trees to develop and enhance intuitive abilities.

Creating The Container

In order to move information from outside of ourselves in to the physical plane where we can understand and work with it, we must create a container in order to receive it. We have an infinite amount space within us that we can open to and ground through by expanding into the mother earth. Working with roots and trees, especially those that connect with the lower chakras such as black spruce or pine are fabulous for this. We want to anoint the base of our spine , the backs of our legs, our knees and our feet. Breathing in their essences and feeling our roots burrow into the mother earth, expanding and stabilizing our foundation. Vetiver Root

Establishing  & Maintaining Energetic Boundaries

Knowing where we end and others begin. Not taking on other's pain and projections. Being clear in choosing when to allow others into our energy field and protecting ourselves is critical to intuitive development. Working with oils to keep our energy field clear assists in making sure we are always in control of  our personal boundaries.  Again black pine and spruce and roots, especially vetiver are great for this. Cork bark fir helps be see clearly what is ours. White sage, white fir, white pine, and white spruce assist in clearing out the energy of others that ends up in our field. Patchouli for breaking down artificial walls in order to make space for true boundaries. 

Self Trust - Self Love

To receive information we have to trust that we will recognize what is true when we feel it. This comes from opening the heart to receive in the universal frequency of love. Working with oils that open up the heart, and assist in helping us love ourselves fully and unconditionally tunes us in so we can trust what is unseen and outside of what it is we think we know. We feel what is true in our heart when the we release and blockages that have prevented us from trusting our inner wisdom. I love oils from blossom, flowering tops, and heart woods for this.  

The Senses 

We are physical beings, and the experience of being human is about receiving through all of the senses. Intuitive information can be received through all of the senses, and essential oils help fine tune and awaken all of the senses anchoring the information we connect with in the physical world. All essential oils can assist in this. As we experience them be sure to work with all of the senses. What does the smell activate? How do they feel in the finger tips or the back of the hand? Becoming more aware of our senses supports us in consecrating what we receive in-the ethers in the physical world.

A New Language 

Learning the physical, emotional, and spiritual properties of the plant kingdom give us another language in which to receive information. We can receive information in the form of smells, names, or visions of plants.  This is the most academic of the principles, because you do have to learn the properties of the plants you are working with to understand why they are speaking to you. They may give you additional information. Often the plants and trees will let us know things that they can assist with beyond the scope of whatever they are know for, and we always want to trust that, even when we don't fully understand why. With practice these connections become clearer. 

Clearing The Mind

We all have voices in our head. Voices of self-doubt, of other people's expectations, demands and beliefs, of all of the shoulds and shouldn'ts be have imposed on ourselves. To know which voices are that of our higher-selves and our guides we have to work on recognizing and clearing the other voices. Doing the heart work mentioned earlier helps in this self-trust. We can also anoint the temples with mugwort and ho wood to move out the unnecessary chatter the clouds our ability to tune into what is helpful on our paths.  

Tuning into Other Dimensions

There are several oils we can anoint the head with to help us tune into the frequencies of higher dimensional beings and information. Oils that support the crown and 3rd eye. Our blue oils connect us with the angelic realm. Rhododendron connects us with our spiritual family, and birch connects us with our ancestors.  All of which are part of our support team to guide us and help us understand our path.