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The waters of  Pisces invite us to  take a deep dive beyond the turbulence of the surface and into the calm depths of the ocean.  They invite us to let go and surrender to the infinite possibilities of what we can imagine. This isn't just for the dreamers and mystics within us, this can be more simple embodied by taking a step back and learning to observe the drama of life when it presents itself. When let go of attachments to outcomes we can find that peace within and allow ourselves to become more present in the moment. 

When we allow the buoyancy of these deep waters to hold us we can find a calmness that stabilizes us within and allows us to go with the flow of what comes at us.  It is important to recognize that we do have to go through the  turbulence of the crashing waves to reach those those calm waters of the deep. In doing so we may feel overwhelmed by the seeming futility of it all, this is why Pisces can be prone to addiction and escapism. Embody the Piscean nature of non-judgment and compassion for yourself and others when this happens. Take a step back to observe and honor these experiences as part of the human experience, and return to calm once again.

Question for self reflection for Pisces placements in your chart.

Am I allowing the emotions of others to control my feelings?

Whispers in Water

Take some time throughout your day, especially first thing in the morning to create a drinking ritual for yourself.

Show gratitude for where the water came from and that you have clean drinking water to quench your thirst and give you life. Then speak affirmations and/or desires on what you want to attract, become, or create into your water. Always use I am or I have statements as if the you want is already true. Be sure to express gratitude for all that you have and all that you are in the moment. A feeling of abundance attracts more abundance. 

Bringing us to higher levels of consciousness.  Greenland Moss assists in rising above the noise, inviting us to surrender to the wisdom of the cosmos.


Connect with your breath and call in your higher self and guides.

Open the bottle, and smell taking the aroma and energy into every cell of the body.

Drop directly on the crown, and/or drop into the hands and use finger tip to anoint the temples, third eye, and/or back of the neck.

Take deep expansive breaths from top of the head allowing the energy to fill and cascade over the entire body.

Allow each breath exhale to create more space, letting go and further surrendering to the infinite possibilities of the cosmos.

Express gratitude to the plant, mother earth, and your guides.

Additional Oils To Connect With the Energy of Water & Pisces