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Katie Shell

Essential Journeying

Balsam Gurjun - "takes the edge off" calming and supportive when we are feeling stressed. Very gentle & light scent.

Balsam Gurjun

Cedarwood, Himalayan - release the head to heart, support adrenals & lymphatic system, address security issues.

Cedarwood, Himalayan

Ginger Lily - support physical & spiritual digestion, central nervous system.

Ginger Lily

Laurel Leaf - Immune and lymphatic support, assists in breast health. "Courage in a bottle"

Laurel Leaf

Lavandin Super - a natural hybrid in the lavender family, assists with just about everything gently, calming, skin, antiviral, respiratory system.


Rosemary cineole - gentle respiratory & antiviral assistance, memory both physical & metaphysical, focus, good everyday rosemary.


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