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Oils by Energetic Purpose


Red spruce fuels our passions, grounds them, and helps make sure we do our work to grow.

Mugwort assists in moving any stuck energy

Rhododendron connects us with our spiritual family

Rosemary reminds us of our Soul's Path, and shows us the way even if we don't fully understand it.

Meditation and Channeling

Elemi - means as above so below, allows for integration and continuity of the body, mind, and spirit.

Gum Weed - channeling light language and galactic wisdom

Ho Wood - Quiets the minds so we can listen to the heart

Palo Santo - expands the mind, warps time, travel in the ethers, clearing

 White Pine, Cones Only- clarity and connection through higher-self and guides


Vetiver - feel deep rooting into the Earth, solid foundation

Frankincense - this may seem counter intuitive but frankincense on the feet brings information we are receiving all the way through the body and allows us to ground.

Black Spruce - while most of the spruces and conifers in general are grounding, black spruce allows us to connect to and nourish our shadow self.


Laurel Leaf - courage in a bottle 

Cedarwood, Himalayan - gets us out of our heads and helps us feel safe

Violet - allowing us to feel strength in being vulnerable

Blue Spruce - calls in our angels of protection, including Archangel Michael

Oils By Zod‚Äčiac Sign

Aries  endlessly moving from from one passion to the next. Those with strong Aries influences can find themselves energized and focused in short spurts as they pursue their desires.

Red Pine   to channel anger and aggression into passion to manifest what you truly desire.

Gemini  ever curious and chatty. Those with strong Gemini influences can be flexible and  fluid as the pursue their innate need to understand and share things.

Ho wood to quiet the mind and bring you safely and securely into your center without weighing you down.

Cancer protective, sensitive, and nurturing. Those with strong cancer influences can be sensitive to those around them lack boundaries or find themselves controlled by their need to go within and retreat from the world.

Vetiver, strong roots are the foundation of clear strong boundaries. Vetiver will assist you with yours.

Leo charismatic and playful. Those with strong Leo influences can find themselves pushed to act, lead, and be the center of attention.

Carnation this spicy blossom keeps Leo in the spotlight while opening up the heart to be more  compassionate to those around her.

Virgo in meticulous service. Those with strong Virgo influence are focused on their work and being of service to others. They are detailed oriented but can be come overly focused on a singular aspect.

Himalayan Cedarwood allows Virgo to feel safe and secure, surrendering the head to the heart and focusing on what is really important.

Libra striving for balance and connection. Those with strong Libra influences want to find fairness and beauty in everything.

Rhododendron helps the social Libra find the people that belong in their live, and disconnect with those that don't.

Scorpio intense and resourceful. Those with strong Scorpio influences want to understand the truth that lies under the surface. Feeding their passion while avoiding getting jealous or controlling.

Hyssop pushes us into the depths of our souls opening our personal truths and helps us let go and forgive.

Sagittarius enthusiastic and adventurous. Those with strong Sagittarius influences are optimistic and straightforward. Their tenancies toward exaggeration and  over indulgences can sometimes get them in trouble.

Laurel Leaf supports that drive to be courageous soul to get out a explore while keeping in tune to your core.

Capricorn mature and pragmatic. Those with strong Capricorn influences put a high value on the work they do, and want to be recognized. 

Gully Gum Eucalyptus appeals to their sense of practicality while reminding them to breathe in life. 

Aquarius intellectual and unique. Those with strong Aquarian influences are driven by a desire to be authentic, supporting the collective evolution, and thinking outside the box. 

Pisces compassionate and creative. Those with strong Pisces influence are fluid and expansive. They are the dreamers and can sometimes get lost in the depths of their minds.

Mugwort assists in remembering our dreams and keeping our momentum so that we may turn our dreams into our reality. 

Oils by Moon Phases

Waxing Moon

The new moon is a time to plant the seeds of that which we want to manifest in to our physical reality.  As the moon continues to grow we want to nourish what we are creating so it can grow. Anoint the belly to activate the sacral, and the heart to get in touch with your deepest desires. 

Green Cardamom a seed that opens the heart and energizes

Nutmeg a seed that nourishes the sacral helping us create

Red Spruce‚Äč assists in knowing and manifesting our passions

Full Moon

The full moon is a culmination of our work, a time to celebrate what we have done, and let go of what is no longer in alignment with our highest good.   

Grapefruit the fullness of this juicy fruit reminds of our own abundance.

White Sage clears our energy field and leads us home

Hyssop pushes us to forgive and let go, as she reminds us of our wholeness

Waning Moon

As the moon becomes smaller in the night sky she invites us to go within to that quiet place where we can rest and receive. The last quarter moon into the next new moon, sometimes referred to as the dark moon is one of the best times to tune into the cosmos to receive wisdom, allowing it to integrate before the cycle begins again.

Balsam Gurjun softens our edges and quiets the body and mind

Ginger Lily encourages us to slow down and digest our experiences.

All phases

The element of water and the color white are closely associated with the moon, and there are several to choose from, Sandalwood from the South Pacific and brings with her the island wisdom and the ebb and flow of the tides. Jasmine's white flowers permeate the night air when they are in bloom reminding us of our strength and sensuality.  All of the Lotus blossoms can assist in working with the moon, White Lotus holds a special place with her soft wisdom, this sacred flower grows in the water and shines bright white in the moonlight.  Mugwort moves stagnant energy and reminds us that we are constant moving through our own cycles. Ocean Pine reminds us to breathe and give ourselves strong roots as we move through the changes in our lives.