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New  Moon Aquarius Horoscope

This is written for the February 11, 2021 New Moon but can be applied to any year around this time. The Feb 1, 2022  Aquarian New  Moon will have a similar but more challenging vibe, with Saturn still being in this sign, but Jupiter having moved on.

March 15, 2020

Aquarian new moon general February 10-12 new moon exact 7:06pm AZ time, Feb 11, 2021

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As always the new moon is a conjunction of the sun and moon amplifying the energy of that sign, and being an influence even after the moon has shifted into the next sign. It’s not unusual to also have the 2 inner planets, Mercury and/or Venus in the same sign, as they both stick close to the Sun. This cycle we have both, along with the much publicized Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the asteroid Pallas. The Aquarian energy will be magnified to a much higher degree during this year’s Aquarian new moon as it will move into conjunction with each of these planets as she makes her way through Aquarius.

The moon in Aquarius begins at the end of the previous cycle during the last bits of the waning moon, it is a time to fully surrender to source, and open yourself to receive wisdom in moving ahead. Remember too, Jupiter and Saturn will remain in Aquarius for the entire year so paying attention to how which house in your chart is ruled by Aquarius is going help you throughout the year.

This is a time for innovation and setting your own path. Aquarian energy is about the unexpected, intelligence, community, rebellion, and detachment. Detachment is about letting go of preconceived ideas about outcomes, and methodologies. Give yourself a chance to really try out new ways of being this new moon, as it is time to allow thoughtfulness to lead with clarity of purpose. Forget everything you thought you knew and allow yourself to step into the magic of all that is possible.

If you know which house in your natal chart is ruled  by Aquarius you can go by that.  You can also always go by your sun or ascendant (rising).

Aquarian sun sign, Aquarian rising  (Aquarius ruling natal 1st house)

Take a look at yourself, literally. Go to the mirror and look at yourself. What makes you uniquely you? What actions can you take to develop that with yourself? What new hats are you ready to try on? Use this time to reinvent how you are seen by others. Oil recommendation, Spike lavender 

Capricorn rising Capricorn sun sign, (Aquarius ruling natal 2nd house)

What financial obligations and material items have you attached to and let control you. What if you were to follow your desires and find new sources of income? Oil recommendation, red spruce

Sagittarius rising or sun (Aquarius ruling natal 3rd house)

Connect with your siblings, explore your neighborhood, get to know your neighbors. This is a great time to get to know people that may already be in your life, allowing space for the unexpected in these relationships. Oil recommendation rhododendron

Scorpio rising or sun (Aquarius ruling  natal 4th house)

Is there something in your heritage you are unaware of, explore your maternal roots, to find new meaning in where you come from. Oil recommendation spikenard

Libra rising or sun (Aquarius ruling natal 5th house)

This is a time for you to explore your playful side, connect with your inner child or own children in new and creative ways. Join a team or start a new hobby. Was there an activity that you wanted to try and never got a chance. Now is a great time to open up and give yourself that opportunity! You may even have find old love interests resurfacing. Oil recommendation tangerine

Virgo rising or sun, (Aquarius ruling natal 6th house)

Have you been wanting to reconnect with your body’s physical needs? Now is the time to really listen to your body and give it what it is asking for. What has your body been trying to say that is going unanswered or ignored. Listen now or you may be in for a rude awakening. Try a new structured routine to start moving toward fulfilling your health needs. Oil recommendation Himalayan Cedarwood

Leo rising or sun (Aquarius ruling 7th natal house)

The time has come to break down old familiar habits in your partnerships marriage, or professional and find new ways to grow together. Maybe even starting new relationships entirely. Remember we are in a time of surprise, so those people that you maybe didn’t think would be good partners are suddenly making more sense, while those that no longer work may become more volatile and break away or find a completely new way to work. On a personal note, this is both me and my husband, and we are definitely feeling this break down and build up. It is surprising how quickly things can change when you surrender to the rhythms of the planet! Oil recommendation, green cardamom

Cancer rising or sun (Aquarius ruling natal  8th house)

Do you have unexpressed desires and fantasies? Now is the time to explore your sensuality and express yourself in ways that you may have felt inhibited to in the past. On a completely separate note, you may also find yourself receiving gifts or money from an unexpected source. Remember sensuality is about confidence in yourself and that confidence may lead you to new connections and resources. Oil recommendation, Nutmeg

Gemini rising or sun (Aquarius ruling natal 9th house)

How is your faith? Is there something you want to learn more about and experience? Have you found yourself questioning your beliefs? This new moon cycle and time of strong Aquarian influence throughout the year will lead you to new sources to connect you to that higher wisdom you seek. Take the time to immerse yourself in your studies and open up to the wisdom found in the unexpected. Oil recommendation, white pine

Taurus rising or sun (Aquarius ruling natal 10th house)

You may be surprised by what others are thinking about you. Your reputation may not be what you had thought it to be. Could this be the nudge for a career change or further advancements you had not previously considered? You may find yourself being challenged by others more than usual. Don’t take it personally, think of it as additional information to help you do you better. Oil recommendation Ho Wood

 Aries rising or sun (Aquarius ruling natal 11th house)

Do you find yourself connected with your community? Are you looking out for the collective of focusing on yourself? Time to step up and look to a brighter future. Your kindness and understanding of those that feel disruptive will assist in ushering in a new way of understanding and togetherness. Oil recommendation Balsam Gurjun

Pisces rising or sun (Aquarius ruling natal 12th house)

Allow yourself to close the books on any loose ends that might be holding you back and causing you pain. Although the new moon time is about building and growing, we can only grow when we give ourselves the quiet space we need to say goodbye to the old. Changes are here for you, the time has come for the old ways that have controlled your way of being to come up, be acknowledged, and set free. Oil recommendation Hyssop

Waxing Pisces, Feb 12-15

This is our sneak preview for next month’s new moon. Tap into the deep watery energy of Pisces as a vehicle to connect back into your feelings and allow them to assist in growing the innovations on the new moon.