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Our bodies are the foundation for understanding of our time here on Earth. 

The soul exists before and after, but these bodies were created for us to work with only during our current lifetime. Recognizing the innate truth of following our bodies' instincts allows us to return to a state of oneness with the natural world and gives us the ability to live to our fullest potential.

Throughout our lives we are conditioned to disregard the intrinsic knowledge within our bodies, and often told that our bodies are wrong. Even those that are in tune with their bodies are still bombarded with these societal pressures to conform. There is no wrong way to have and body, and what feels right for you is never anyone else's, including my place to dictate. My work is about cutting out the noise so you can embrace and accept who you are. When we do this we are able to detach from the expectations others have of us, and live in accordance with our true nature and most authentic selves.


In this series you will have opportunities to explore several components on how to breakdown what we have conditioned to believe and build our confidence in trusting instinctual-selves.

There is no wrong way to have a body.

There is no wrong way to have a body. There is no size, shape, or age that guarantees or prevents health and happiness.  There is no size, shape, or age that is more important or more valuable than any other. The programming we experience in regards to this is everywhere. While it is important to recognize we are always a work in process it is essential to cut out the biases we have taken on and learn to love our body in the now. 

Sensory Exploration and the Art of Anointing

Anointing is an ancient tradition that bridges the physical and ethereal planes. Practicing anointing with sacred intentions empowers us to heal, create, and live-in continuity of our body, mind, and spirit. Anointing with essential oils combines, touch and scent to awaken the senses and connect us deeper to our bodies.

Intuitive Eating 

Practicing intuitive eating  focuses on removing the judgement of what we choose to eat so our bodies are able to tell us what they really need. Eventually we crave less, and feel more fulfilled. All of our bodies have different needs, and what works for one person does not work for all.  Eat what nourishes your body and soul.



Our bodies are made to move, and there is no better way to get in touch with our body’s desires than to follow their lead in how they want to move. Again, no judgment, just listen.



Lilith represents the unrestrained divine feminine. She is the part of us that is learning to break free from who we have been told we are suppose to be, and connects us back to the intrinsic knowledge within our bodies.

True Black Moon Lilith in our natal charts helps us understand  what parts of our lives we have been told this instinctive self is wrong and gives us the path forward to fully embrace  who we are.


I highly recommend watching any of Tom Jacobs' videos on Lilith in addition to his book. It was through his videos I was drawn to working with this archetype, and I have not found anything that comes even close to resonating as much as his perspectives.

Click here for his YouTube video playlist on Lilith  

Email to find out which sign and house your True Black Moon Lilith is in, and sign-up for our mailing list. 

(most online calculators are for the Mean Black Moon Lilith)

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