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In gratitude to all that participated and helped make the first Lilith Embodied Workshop a success

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Explore your intrinsic instincts by releasing the conditioning in the mind to the wisdom of the body and open yourself up to greater self awareness and acceptance through discussion, meditation, and gentle movement.

Our bodies are the vessels that we have been given by the Mother Earth to learn and explore this planet. It is critical for our Earth experience to listen to the unfiltered messages from our bodies as that is the part of us that is in direct connection and inseparable from the Earth herself.

We are constantly bombarded with messaging from society that our bodies are wrong. This creates fear and distrust of the body, and the natural world from which it was created. This lack of connection with the signals of our physical body can become lodged within us as physical, emotional, and spiritual distress.

Working with the energy of Lilith we are able to confront and free ourselves from the programming we have received allowing to tune in directly to the intrinsic knowledge within the body without guilt or shame. 

The energy of Lilith is a primal force within us that needs to be seen and heard. She needs to be free from the confinement that is placed on us by a society that wants to shame our physical needs and instincts. When feeling trapped she can become enraged to fight for her sovereignty. She can also become so filled with guilt or fear of being judged she shuts down all together. We may find ourselves moving between these fight, flight, and freeze stances in different situations when we are not able to express ourselves. 

We will begin by creating a safe space to listen to our bodies through meditation and breathwork.

 This gives us the container to allow for the vulnerability required to witness and begin to release the pains that have caused us to ignore our instincts and the messages we receive from our bodies. 

We will explore the Lilith archetype as a way to understand the most primal part of us and how to integrate it and accept it as a part of us. Through-out the day we work with establishing greater trust and acceptance of our bodies. The more we are able to trust them the more we are able to be guided by them and ultimately take responsibility for how, where, and when we express our needs. 

We will tune into our rage as a tool of self-awareness. Rage is a way for our body to demand change and we must address it and honor it to prevent it from taking over our actions, or festering in the body creating an environment for a multitude of physical and emotional health repercussions to take hold.

 This workshop is designed to support you and your body exactly as it right now. We can tune into our physical bodies through movement at any level of fitness ability or interest. Our movement will be gentle and you will learn what YOUR body needs. 

During this multi-sensory and multi-dimensional journey we will be anointing ourselves with essential oils to further support us and move us deeper into ourselves. Like us, the plants are made from the earth, and they assist us in tuning into the voice of the planet, and understanding ourselves as part of her. 

We can see the energy of Lilith in our astrological charts and know where we need to break free from the conditioning that our bodies and our instincts are wrong by looking at the placement of True Black Moon Lilith (most online calculators will provide the Mean Black Moon Lilith). Participants will receive a 15 minute mini-reading prior to the workshop to learn about their True Black Moon Lilith placement and the energy it brings into their lives.

This interpretation of Lilith for has been inspired by the visionary work of Evolutionary Astrologer/Channel Tom JacobsLearn more about this approach to Lilith from his YouTube channel