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Katie Shell

Essential Journeying

Love Yourself, Trust Your Body

Lilith Embodied

Sunday, November 20, 2022, 12-5pm

3241 East Shea Boulevard, Ste 7, Phoenix

All bodies & and genders encouraged

space is limited

Work with the energy of Lilith to connect with the intrinsic knowledge within the body, and our oneness with our Mother Earth. 

In this extended workshop we will begin by creating a safe space to listen to our bodies and release any conditioning that has caused us to ignore out instincts and messages we receive from our bodies. As we move through the day we will explore this archetype with in each of us through discussion, mediation, and movement.

Tune into to your primal nature though your body and it's connection to the physical world

Dive into anger and learn to harness it as a tool of self-awareness

Explore your independence and how to assert yourself in alignment with your soul's desires

We can see this energy in our astrological charts and know where we need to break free from the conditioning that are bodies and our instincts are wrong by looking at the placement of True Black Moon Lilith (most online calculators will provide the Mean Black Moon Lilith). Participants may opt in for a 10 minute mini-reading to find out where theirs is.

This is not an astrology class and we will not be getting into specifics of understanding it from that perspective. However, knowing it before hand will help you gain understand on how this archetype shows up in your life.

The interpretation of Lilith for this workshop has been inspired by the visionary work of Tom Jacobs.  When registering you have the option of purchasing his book Lilith: Healing the Wild to accompany your exploration of both the archetype on it's own and through his lens of evolutionary astrology. Learn more about this approach to Lilith from his YouTube channel