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On April 12 we will experience a once in about 150 year conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. They have been together in Pisces all year, and Jupiter has been catching up to the much slower moving Neptune. 

Neptune, has been in Pisces since 2011, and takes 146 to go around the zodiac. Jupiter takes only about 12 years. So the next time they come together will be in Aries in 2034 and it will be a very different energy.

Jupiter and Neptune are co-rulers of Pisces and this triples down on that energy of expansion and cosmic awareness, as well as compassion and surrender. This also triples down on lack of clarity, fuzziness, and the possibilities of delusional thinking. Be aware this for yourself and as you come into contact with other people. You may also find yourself overwhelmed by an increase attunement to the emotions of others.

I have also noticed people experiencing increased headaches, dizziness, and nausea. This can be a result of these cosmic upgrades, increased emotions we are feeling from others and are having ourselves, or a combination.

Recognize that this will pass, but is an incredible opportunity to tune into what may have seemed impossible and making it possible.

A couple ways to support yourself through the next week or two, and take advantage of this time.

Rosemary (all) They assist in finding our wholeness, breath, and remembering our purpose here on this planet right now. She is excellent for providing clarity in the next steps in our lives. She helps in grounding and consecrating what we are receiving so we can take these new insights as we move forward on our paths and be more present in our physical world.

South Pacific Sandalwood. If you have not learned about our new Sandalwood she is holding a similar space as our Fiji/Yasi Sandalwood did. She is water and she is wisdom. She is a beautiful companion to receive the cosmic wisdom we are being presented with in a way that allows us to surrender to it without being knocked down.

Greenland Moss. If you want to completely surrender to the infiniteness of this time, Greenland Moss can help. She embodies the expansiveness of this transit. She opens our mind with gentleness so we may float in and become one with the cosmos.

Frankincense - on the feet! Anointing the feet with Frankincense allows what we are receiving through the crown and third eye to integrate and move through the body. This helps alleviate any ascension symptoms you may be experiencing through this transit, such as headaches and dizziness.

White Sage. With this cosmic soup happening around us, boundaries are much less clear, and it is much easier to taken on what others are releasing. White Sage will help keep you clear. Work with on the hands and brush off the aura. I sometimes work with her before bed and release the energy of others, and call mine back.

Ginger Lily. This root is very grounding and aides in "spiritual digestion" She is gentler than traditional ginger, and is actually a different plant all together. If you are experiencing nausea I highly recommend working with her on the feet, belly, and/or a couple drops in water.