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Journey into Evolutionary Astrology

March 28, 2022

As some of you know as I have been studying evolutionary astrology for the past year, and am currently immersed in a certification course learning a highly specialized technique that prioritizes our Pluto placements as the source of our deepest pain, and therefore our greatest potential for empowerment and disempowerment. I find this to be extremely potent as we need to deal with our pain in order to feel whole and empowered to be able to all the things our souls desire.

As always my approach is about gentleness and creating safe spaces to connect with the parts of us that are sometimes hidden and difficult to deal with. In these readings as we sort out the areas of disempowerment along your path we can work on techniques or directions for you to do your inner work to move past them.

This technique also looks at the type of family we were born into, how it shapes our world view and what our direction in this lifetime is for our great growth. With this technique and perspective we are looking at energy patterns across many lifetimes and how they echo in this one.

My personal empowerment path is related to collecting and sharing data I'm passionate about, in ways that create harmony. (Pluto conjunct Mars, Venus, & Mercury in the 3rd house in Libra) In order for me to stop bugging my teacher and classmates with all of the insights I want to share on the topic I want to offer these readings to you. If you have received a reading from me in the last year I have been folding this stuff in already.