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Highlights of Current Astrological Transits 

May 11 - October 28, 2022 Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter has been swimming in the infinite waters of Pisces for the first part of the year and on May 11 moves into fiery Aries. This time in Pisces for many has been a marker for spiritual expansion, of increased dreams, of people showing up in our lives pushing us to surrender and make space for compassion.

Wherever Jupiter is, things become bigger and we are presented with opportunities for expansion. In Aries this means passion, individuality, and our inner warriors. I sometimes lovingly refer to Aries as toddler energy. That excitement that comes from living, and from moving with pure joy and intensity from one thing to the next without a care of what the long term impact of it is, pure instincts. It is important to note that this instinctual part of Aries is actually a key component to being connected to the body. All of this will be amplified by people and events showing up in our lives. Transits (where planets are currently moving in the sky) always activate us from the outside, be it through events or people carrying that energy.

 So be aware there will be a lot of amped-up Aries energy around giving you the opportunity to follow your own passions, individuality and warrior spirit. For the next several months (it retrogrades back into Pisces Oct 28), follow your instincts and allow yourself to be excited! 

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