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Getting to Know Ourselves

April 28, 2021

The more we understand ourselves the more we are able to live in alignment with our life's path. This is not something we can decide or learn with one workshop, book, or session, or 100 of them. Yes we can better know what it is to be in alignment and recognize our patterns and what belongs to us. We can learn how to better define our priorities, because as we change and evolve so do they. As I emphasize over and over this is a constant practice. It is not about a moment of enlightenment, a specific skill, or connection. Knowing that I find it much easier to explore and pace myself as I gain knowledge and awareness. Knowing, that all of it is constantly changing and that there is no goal to achieve I have found myself liberated to spend more time in the present. This does not mean I'm not simultaneously manifesting things that I desire to be part of my life. It means that I am focused on the things in me right now that are already part of what I am manifesting. In doing so I draw attention away from the things that are not in alignment and they start to fall away, or explode and then dissipate depending on the situation. 

During this last Scorpio full moon I got really angry about what felt like someone taking advantage of me. Except, I didn't think that was what was happening at the time, and in reality wasn't happening at all. It was when a secondary event occurred that this seemingly benign situation made my blood boil. I laid down and meditated on it. There was no one to blame and nothing to be ashamed of, but there was critical information for me to recognize. My body was screaming at me to pay attention to this! Now I adjust and learn.  When these kinds of things happen, and instead of stewing in them and allowing them to disempower us, we can recognize them that they are there to allow us to become more aware. Sometimes this means taking a step back and being the observer. So the more that we can do to recognize these things and then work through them within ourselves the more we can live in alignment with who we are. 

It doesn't mean that there aren't real challenges and traumas in our lives. This is not to be dismissive of those experiences. When we are in them sometimes just surviving is all we can do. Just know you have more control than most would have you believe, than most have been conditioned to believe, that the conditioning runs deep, and that it's all part of a process. There is no one answer to any of it, so just keep coming back to what feels like you and adjust accordingly as needed.