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Essential Oils By Sign




Ruling Planet 


Aries endlessly moving from from one passion to the next. Those with strong Aries influences can find themselves energized and focused in short spurts as they pursue their desires.

Red Pine 

Transforms anger and aggression into passion to manifest what you truly desire.

Clove Bud

This spicy essence energizes and brings vitality. Distilled from the buds of the tree she is perfect for spring awakening, bringing our desires to life.


The red egg of nutmeg assists us in planting the seeds of our desires, so that we may create and manifest them in the physical world.


Taurus likes to keep things simple and comfortable.  They work hard to ensure they have the stability they need to just chill. It's only when this is disturbed to we see that famous stubbornness come out. 

Taurus enjoys experiencing life through the physical senses, and Oak Moss is the perfect embodiment. 





Ruling Planet 


Gemini ever curious and chatty. Those with strong Gemini influences can be flexible and fluid as the pursue their innate need to understand and share things.

Blue Cypress lets Gemini dance with the winds of change and speak with confidence.

Ho wood to helps quiet the mind and bring them safely and securely into their center without feeling  weighed down.




Ruling Planet 

The Moon

Cancer protective, sensitive, and nurturing. Those with strong cancer influences can be sensitive to those around them and are most influenced by the cycle of