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Enjoy Your Holidays

October 22, 2021

As I first started to write this I almost wrote "holiday survival" As I even thought those words I realized that was not the energy I wanted to put out there. I don't want to be in survival mode for the next 6 weeks. Dear Goddess, no wonder everyone gets sick this time of year. We set ourselves up for burnout and the universe hits us on the head and says REST NOW! So lets bring joy and gratitude as our #1 priority during the next 6 weeks, and always, but right now it does absolutely take extra effort. So focus that extra effort inward rather than trying to make everyone else happy, and your joy will shine and inspire.

We are often pulled many directions at once. Trying to find time to do the things we love, because really there is an abundance of amazing things to do during the holidays. Plus of course perceived family obligations, schedule management with more moving parts and individual needs than normal. Yet this is the time of year we are suppose to go within and find that quiet wisdom that comes from shedding the old to make space for the new.

Remember there is no right or wrong way to do any of it. You may have grown accustomed to certain things but that does not mean that is the only way. Were those habits born of surviving the season? Or maybe they were things you used to love but no longer bring the joy the once did. Take a cue from the season and release those things. Working with our beloved seed oils are wonderful to assist us in shedding things we don't need and finding the right timing for what we love.

Have compassion for yourself, schedule in down time if that's what you need.

I am going away for 3 days to be alone just before Thanksgiving. It seemed impossible but once I made it a top priority I scheduled a non-refundable Airbnb to put it in stone. I know my daily and weekly down time will have to be a bit more fluid so I can spend time with family and work around their schedules, but I knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy it if I did prioritize my self care ahead of time. 

Being around our loved ones as we try to take care of them and they try to take care of us often can send us spiraling into a place where no one's needs are actually met. Be compassionate for yourself and them as you navigate through these tricky situations. Take time to set your priorities when you can feel it, rather than trying to rationalize what you should be doing, or what you think you need to do. I love the mantra "everything I do is in alignment with my selfcare" I speak it into my water first thing in the morning.

 Create a living altar to your selfcare by finding a spot to put the things that remind you of joy, unconditional love or whatever else inspires you. I had a push pin on my altar for a while to remind me "you are here" to keep me in the present and knowing there is no where else I need to be. Right now I have a tiny broom for cleaning electronics on my altar to remind me to easily sweep away challenges. Once you have established your priorities be clear and honest with your "yeses" and "noes," and don't assume or attach yourself to outcomes. Know things won't always go as planned, but when you focus on meeting your needs the chaos won't take hold, and you might even find something new to love!

Recommended oils Vetiver and Cork Bark Fir for boundaries.

All blossom essences for self-love and compassion.

Green Cardamom Seed for shedding what is no longer needed, for supporting the heart, and for reminding you that everything comes in perfect time when you surrender to source.

Rosemary family for remembering who you are.