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End of the Year Surrender & Release

December 27, 2021

Just a few more days left of 2021. The year even in these last days have felt like a complete whirlwind. I know for many of us time has moved differently than we have grown accustomed to in this lifetime. As I write this we are on the last quarter of the moon cycle, which is always a time to surrender and reflect. This becomes even more significant as we close the the year. However you would characterize this year take some quiet time to acknowledge with gratitude what you've have experienced. Write about your feelings for the year and what is ready to grow more, and what is ready to release. 

Remember we must release to make space for new experiences. When in doubt, always release. Those who work with me frequently know I encourage the release of everything, what belongs will return clearer and stronger. I was walking a labyrinth a few weeks ago and found myself releasing something I was no longer clear on what direction it was taking me. I felt a great relief once finished and was ready and open for what might come next. Less than an hour later an opportunity came up to reconnect in a way that was in much clearer alignment with my soul's desires.

There are lots of great rituals to release, but I find simply taking a few minutes to connect with the Earth, breathing in her unconditional love on every inhale, and releasing my thoughts as the come up on every exhale to be highly effective. Speaking the words in the water as you shower and watching them run down the drain, or for a little more flare writing them down and burning the paper are also wonderful ways to do this.