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Earth My Body

May 9, 2022

During this Taurus season it is important to take time to bring our attention to why it is so important to connect with and listen to our bodies. We've all come to this Earth to experience the things our souls desire for their evolutionary growth. As I often say, our souls exist before and after our time here, but our bodies are unique to this time, providing us with our roadmap to what it is we are here to do. When we attempt to avoid connecting with the physical in order to obtain some sort of higher sense of spirituality we miss the point of being here, and are not able to process and receive things as clearly and as fully as we are capable of doing.

Our bodies are the Earth and to honor the Earth we must honor our bodies. It is important to recognize, as always, there is no wrong way to have a body. Connecting with our bodies is NEVER about conforming to some sort of standard, or adhering to any rules, it's about something much deeper and more intrinsic within us. We must love our bodies fully and unapologetically so we can trust them. Our bodies know things about life on Earth that our minds don't. That is why our spirits chose to have a body. We can call it working on our root chakra or grounding, it doesn't matter. What it means is that we need to have a strong foundation in which to do all other work. It means that our selfcare starts with the body, and that we come back to it over and over and over. How do we listen to and love our bodies in a world that tells us everyday all the time that they are wrong? We acknowledge the pains, and the joys we feel through the body as important, as a sacred, as life. We touch the Earth, we look at the clouds and the trees and the dirt. We feel our feet on the ground with our toes and heels. We smell, we taste, we breathe. We let this Mother Earth take our sweat and tears and transform them into new life that nourishes us every moment of every day.

Take a moment right now to breathe in and connect with the physical world around you, without pretense and without judgement. Know you are safe, you are whole, and you are always worthy of unconditional love.