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Katie Shell

Essential Journeying

Circle of Mothers

There are so many parent/child classes that are geared towards the child, as a mother I always craved the chance to get together in baby friendly environment to find my some "me" time. We are all struggling, whether occasionally or what seems like every minute of everyday. The purpose of this gathering to share tools to help us release and feel through the anxiety and guilt that sometimes plagues us.  To share our simple joys, and our desires for the future. You'll learn various simple meditations, affirmations, herbal remedies, and essential oil uses to assist you. We will do some gentle movement and dancing to connect with our bodies. 

Come for an hour and just BE, no judgment, no expectations. Always a work in progress, always perfect just as you are.

Come alone or with you baby in your arms. 

Currently I'm allowing walkers if you feel a strong call to come but can't make it work any other way. 

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