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Breath of Spring 

April 7, 2021

Air has always been the most elusive of the elements for me. Astrologically my the big 3 represent Earth, Water, and Fire. I do have a 5 planet stellium in the air sign Libra, however understanding how that works is a lot more complex than the other three. That Libra desire for balance really finding it her own way here! In ayurvedic medicine air is my least dominate dosha. Yet, I hear air calling through pine trees and wind chimes as I sit on my patio. My favorite rhythm in 5Rhythms dance has always been lyrical which is associated with air, and dancing with veils has been the reason why I have keep coming back to belly dance as part of my portfolio of offerings. I have recently come to terms with the fact I can offer work dancing with veils without being restricted by the structure of belly dance. What a beautiful lesson from wind there! We do not need to limit ourselves with structure! The structure around us is something to play with, not contain us. How freeing is that?

Though there are several different ways to associate the connection between, elements, directions, and seasons the teachings that I received and that resonate the most is air in the east and connected with spring. I find the winds and those firsts breaths as we become alive to be the element that connects the most with spring, and here we are. In plant medicine the leaves are about the breath and this is the time when plants reach out to catch the air, they are the breathing apparatus of the plant so they are the go to when we are looking to support our breath, physically or emotionally. Not only that but we see the leaves dancing, moving, and swaying with the wind. When we clean and declutter and do a "spring cleaning" we are making room for air. The air flows in and around us as we move supporting us and moving with us. Interestingly the South Hemisphere at the same time is moving into fall, where the cool winds blow the leaves off the trees compelling us inward. For me the fall is the west and water. Water is much more familiar to me, and there is an awareness that the water is also about movement, only more tangible more physical more grounded. What lovely balance to know that we are met in the equinoxes fluidity no matter where we are.