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Rhododendron, Relationships, and Libra

Sept 22, 2022

Libra needs to connect with other people. Even if you are a person that is introverted or generally tends to opt to be alone rather than interact with others, rhododendron can help you gain confidence in making choices that lead you to the right people. ... click to continue reading

The Necessity of Selfcare & Sovereignty in Relationships

June 29, 2022

[Cancer] invites us to take care of ourselves in the ways we need to and reminds us that although others can support and hold space for us we are responsible for understanding our needs and ensuring they are met. The time and inner work necessary to understand those ever evolving needs requires dedication to our personal growth... click to continue reading

Earth My Body

May 9, 2022

...our souls exist before and after our time here, but our bodies are unique to this time, providing us with our roadmap to what it is we are here to do. When we attempt to avoid connecting with the physical in order to obtain some sort of higher sense of spirituality we miss the point of being here, and are not able to process and receive things as clearly and as fully as we are capable of doing...click to continue reading

Liberation from Obligation 

Jan 17, 2022

... Detaching from the expectations of others, from the outcomes of what we do, from lifetimes of conditioning is not a simple task. Even the simplest things that I have taken responsibility for in my life are open to be revisited. I am more open to the present. Asking the question "What feels right in this moment." has replaced all of the shoulds and should nots. When I am clear in what I need the path to receive is much clearer...click to continue reading 

Why Medicinal Aromatherapy

January 15, 2022

Essential oils have gained tremendous popularity over the last several years. You can't go to a natural minded website or group without reading about favorite recipes and protocols working with essential oils, and probably someone trying to sell you their favorite multi-level marketing brand (or warn you about their evils). For those that are looking for something richer, we give the opportunity to go deeper into this powerful multi-dimensional medicine...click here to continue reading

End of Year Surrender & Release

December 27, 2021

..As I write this we are on the last quarter of the moon cycle, which is always a time to surrender and reflect. This becomes even more significant as we close the the year. However you would characterize this year take some quiet time to acknowledge with gratitude what you've have experienced...click to continue reading 

Enjoy Your Holidays 

October 22, 2021

As I first started to write this I almost wrote "holiday survival" As I even thought those words I realized that was not the energy I wanted to put out there. I don't want to be in survival mode for the next 6 weeks. Dear Goddess, no wonder everyone gets sick this time of year. We set ourselves up for burnout and the universe hits us on the head and says REST NOW! ...click to continue reading

Selfcare Hierarchy

July 6, 2021

Selfcare is used so often that it doesn't have a lot of meaning without context. Not only do we all have to define what we need individually but what even qualifies as selfcare needs seems to have huge variation....click to continue reading

Getting to Know Ourselves

April 28, 2021

The more we understand ourselves the more we are able to live in alignment with our life's path. This is not something we can decide or learn with one workshop, book, or session, or 100 of them. Yes we can better know what it is to be in alignment and recognize our patterns and what belongs to us. We can learn how to better define our priorities, because as we change and evolve so do they. ... click here to continue reading

Breath of Spring

April 7, 2021

Air has always been the most elusive of the elements for me. Astrologically my the big 3 represent Earth, Water, and Fire. I do have a 5 planet stellium in the air sign Libra,. ... click here to continue reading