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You made it look so clear and easy... Describing me as if you knew me better than myself.

Thalia - Mexico

Katie you are so on point. Thank you for clear clarification and encouragement."

Shelly - Arizona

Empower yourself by better understanding your patterns, challenges, and intrinsic motivations. 

-The positions of the planets when we are born tell us the story of how we are designed to grow during our lifetime. 

- The current planetary positions can give us insight on what is affecting us now.

- Putting them together we can gain greater understanding of where to focus our energy and efforts for our personal growth and best self-care practices.

Done in person or via zoom

$75 - 30 minutes

$150 - 60 minutes

$225 - 90 minutes

all live readings may be recorded for your future reference 

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Readings are always steered by your needs and what comes through from your guides.

Here are some possibilities. 

-General natal chart readings, focusing on the planetary positions from when you were born to get an overview on how you are best suited to act in different areas of your life, what you attract, and your strengths and challenges. 

-Answer specific questions and concerns regarding areas of your life you are facing challenges in or looking for greater understanding. 

-Go deeper into specific aspects of your chart and how they are being influenced by current transits.

-Choose a soul's journey evolutionary astrology reading and focus on what patterns have been established through many lifetimes, and how those patterns show-up in this life. These readings focus on Pluto, and the Nodes to the Moon.  (if you get any reading  from me these aspects will likely be involved)

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