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Anointing Phoenix

A journey to seed our potent unformed dreams

November 16 6:30-8:30pm

The Shrine of Holy Wisdom, 5025 South Ash Avenue Suite B-15, Tempe, Arizona

Before the Return of the Light at the Winter Solstice 2019 we must reformulate our dreams and reseed them consciously into the living Earth through magic, ceremony, and conscious envisioning. Our highest wishes need to be strongly re-rooted within ourselves too. Join Wisdom of the Earth's Education Director, Cynthia J. Olivera, and founder of Inner Landscape Work™ as she brings her newly published, The Book of Anointing to life in ceremony with her students and friends for first time.

Using sacred seasonal oils in a late autumn Ritual of Anointing connects us with the wisdom of the ages by honoring this time of deepening darkness, and thereby, enabling the forces within to find the strength and the clarity for rebirth.

When the plant essences are consciously anointed they amplify the solar and crystalline codes and that part of ourselves that is inextricably part of the whole matrix of the Life Spirit in its Cosmic Breath of Life.

We invite you to join us and be “anointed” with Wisdom of the Earth pure essential oils, storytelling, meditation, movement, and joyful celebration.

Cynthia Olivera has been the Educational Director for Wisdom of the Earth since 2001, and is the founder of Inner Landscape Work. She is a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist and Spiritual Counselor, and uses the medicinal essences to help cut old paradigms and patterns. Cynthia teaches workshops in rediscovering the juiciness of the feminine through sacred sexuality, movement and heart dreaming.

Essential Journeying's Katie Shell, a 30 year student and friend of Cynthia's will accompany her in facilitating this sacred event.