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Take a journey into yourself

 When we are feeling unbalanced we can look to many tools to bring us back into harmony within ourselves and our world. There is energy all around us positioned to help us heal. By learning how to listen to our bodies we are better able to understand our own healing journey. Katie has been called to help others to honor their bodies, and hear their messages. She has a variety of offerings to to help you better connect with your body, mind, and spirit.

 We have been provided with an abundance of gifts to assist  help guide us on our journey during our times here.  Our journey can be viewed  like a multi-faceted gemstone, with many ways to gain unique perspectives on our path with simple shifts in understanding.


We must surrender to unconditional love and trust in ourselves when we want to embrace our paths. Each challenge we face is there to help us breakdown the layers of programming and suffering we hold on to, that keep us from our full self.  

Katie is a guide through these times to help you discover what you have within you in a safe and compassionate environment.  She believes that when we push ourselves to remove pain and blockages to grow  we often miss the things we need to work on the most. However, when we are gentle and allow ourselves to feel safe and worthy of unconditional love, we are able to sit with our pain, feel it, honor it,  and release it.  That doesn't mean it's easy, but it is imperative we be easy on ourselves when doing the hard work.

When telling her story she often begins with when learning connect with her  body at age 12 when she was first introduced to belly dance. Over 30 years later she continues to share this love of helping women feel comfortable in their own skin and honoring bodies of all shapes and sizes.  Her work with  astrology stems from an early age as well. Doing astrological and tarot card reading often for her friends in college. Helping  people understand the physical observation of sky as well as the astrological patterns is a favorite topic.  Katie is relentless seeker of knowledge, and loves to share what she discovers and the worlds of understanding she gains through her unique way of finding patterns and connections.  Topics of study include, The Kabbalah in part to honor her own Jewish heritage, mythology, herbalism, crystals, human design, and ayurveda.