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Intuitive Healing &

Spiritual Counseling with 

Katie Shell

Katie has been teaching people to listen to and love their bodies since 2004. She is passionate about helping people ​connect to their own healing ability. Katie believes we come into this world with an innate knowing within our bodies, and by learning to listen to and love our bodies unconditionally and unapologetically we can remove many of the blockages we face allowing us to experience this time on Earth in our most authentic way.

Katie's intuitive abilities support others in gaining deep awareness on their life  journeys through readings, counseling, movement, and energy work. Whether individually or in a group setting she creates safe environments and holds space for her students and clients to do their essential inner work and move forward to live in alignment with our soul's desires.

Master Intuitive Aromatherapist & Teacher for Wisdom of the Earth, Katie connects with the voices of the plants and trees to help to convey Mother Earth's message of unconditional love, to all that are ready to hear.  Wisdom of the Earth (WOTE) is a woman owned boutique company near Sedona, with an emphasis on the art of aromatherapy.  

Katie is a Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Astrologer. She brings decades of studies in dance and the rhythms of the Earth  along with other modalities to her healing and teaching practice.

Click here to for your complementary session to discuss your need to find out how we can work together to support your physical, emotional, & spiritual health.

Book an appointment with Essential Journeying using Setmore
Book an appointment with Essential Journeying using Setmore

Featured Oil

Birch, Sweet 

This oil assists in connecting with our ancestors and community.

Physically she is fantastic for joint pain.

wisdom of the earth aromatherapy certification course

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